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  1. Janice K Phillips

    I wish i could get some help in my SSDIB Federal District Court Judgment in US District Court for the Southern District of Indiana..The Honorable Sarah Evans Barker entered JUDGMENT in my case April 24th 2003 case no. IP02-565-C-B/S and the Govt. did not appeal and the Court aearded EAJA Fees to the Attorney . the Court held that Plaintiff prevailed in this action and that the SSA was not justified in defending errors made by the ALJ. My Councel abandoned me after he took from me $6,339.50 from what should have been my back benefits and was ordered by the Court the recovery of the fee to the Plaintiff.It has been almost 10 yrs now and I haven’t recieved 1 cent yet.


    It is therefore ADJUDGED
    That the Commissioners final decision that Janice K. Phillips is not entitled to Disability Insurance Benefits based on the applicatiom filed Oct.10th 1997 is REVERSED AND REMANDED for futher proceedings consistent with the entry issued this day.
    a sentence 4 remand pursuant to sentence 4 of 42 USC 405(g)

    It is well settled Law in Supreme Court that a sentence 4 Remand terminates the litigation with victory for the Plaintiff and after time for appeal has run that a sentence 4 remand order is a final Judgment as provided for by the EAJA. EAJA says in plain English that before EAJA Fees can be awarded the Judgment must be final and Final Judgment means a Judgment that is final and not apeallable(not open for attack) and includes an order of settlement

    I beg you to please help me the unjustified actions of the Govt.(in this case the SSA) has ruined my life financially and emotionally and physically.please help.

    Janice K. Phillips

    Any questions you may have please ask for my Husband Melvin Phillips

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