What Did You Call Me?

What did you call me? Don’t say that to my face! I dare you. I double-dog dare you!!

My Fellow Americans, be careful. Words are powerful, and we are in the midst of a Cultural Revolution in America.

Don’t call him African-American. He is an “American” pure and simple.

He has no contact or connection with Africa.

But, he is thankful to his distant ancestor who survived the kidnapping from Africa and the treacherous trip across the Atlantic thru the Middle Passage African grave yard.

As the last living descendant of that former slave, he has no cultural affinity to the African Continent.

Liberals preach diversity and label him an African-American; but, they do not persist in labeling European descendant as English-Americans or French-Americans or German-Americans, etc. They are simply “Americans”.

So is he; and so are we, who are “We The People”.

We are all Americans, first and foremost.

The Diversity propaganda is Liberal Jibber-jabber designed to divide Americans along racial and ethnic lines. It is divisive.

In “the most honest book to emerge from Africa in a long time” (USA Today), a black American correspondent for the Washington Post reports on the horrors he witnessed in Somalia, Rwanda, South Africa, and other troubled African nations-and reflects on his own identity.

Curious minds may ask why is this the first (and only) African American to admit that he is glad his grandmother made it to America – when he sees the fate of his brothers who are still in Africa????? Most of them would still be kicking a football in a dusty bowl in Ghana!!!!

That is a very good question. I challenge your basic premise that this is the first and only African American to admit that he is glad his grandmother made it to America from Africa. 

I have heard many say it, but they were not quoted. Not many Black Americans are quoted in the main stream media, and most do not write books or have public podiums from which they can shout their opinions on American life and culture.

Many Americans of African descent were raised on a diet of Liberal Left Wing propaganda praising the virtues of diversity, reverence for your “roots” in Africa, and disdain for most things and people who do not lean positively towards Black Culture. 

The English and Spanish Languages teach that most things Black are inherently inferior to white culture. A white Jesus, Santa Claus, Cinderella, and Snow White are praised and worshiped while Black Peter, Martin de Pores, A’int Jamima, and Uncle Ben are ridiculed as stereotypes. 

I am being a bit tongue-in-cheek, of course. I am serious for the most part; and, things had changed in America for the better before 2008. Then the Divider -In-Chief started organizing us into competing groups of “special interests”. This is not a new book, and probably not a best seller; but its message is timely. It is being popularized by Doctor Michael Savage, the well known talk show host.

By Keith B. Richburg: Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa


Paperback, 266 pages

Published July 1st 1998 by Mariner Books (first published February 5th 1997)

Original Title

Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa


0156005832 (ISBN13: 9780156005838)

Edition Language


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